Before the Stranger Things season 4 trailer wowed followers all over the world, it caught the eye of another person: Steve Perry.

The clip is accompanied by a remastered model of Journey’s 1983 hit “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)”. Boutique music home Alloy Tracks was employed to reinterpret the track for the trailer. In the early levels of the venture, firm founder and proprietor Troy MacCubbin was stunned when he acquired a name to debate the tune.

“I think I’m speaking to this guy from Netflix because he caught me off guard and wanted to talk about the song,” MacCubbin recalled to Forbes. “He kept saying to me, ‘I don’t usually let these songs get through,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s the Netflix guy.’ We probably talked for about 15 minutes, he wanted to know everything about what we did with the song and how we did it and how we did it? At the end of the call, before he hung up, I was like, ‘Excuse me, who am I talking to? What is your role in this?’ And he says, ‘That’s Steve Perry from Journey!’”

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Perry had heard a demo version and was so excited about the song’s reinterpretation that he became actively involved in the creative process.

“He had some particular mixing notes,” noted composer Bryce Miller, explaining how Perry influenced the final version heard in the trailer. “He wanted the vocals to be a little bit more fleshed out in some places and just a refinement in others [other] Details. He was really cool to work with and had some really nice things to say. One of his favorite things about his career now is hearing how those songs he wrote decades ago are given new life and brought to new generations and new demographics through things like Stranger Things.”

According to MacCubbin, Perry was particularly impressed with how they were able to isolate his vocal parts.

“He mentioned, ‘How did you guys do this?'” recalled the Alloy Tracks founder. “He mentioned, ‘Man, I want I had you guys again once we launched that track as a result of that is what I needed the track to sound like. … I imply, what a praise from Steve Perry. He could not have been cooler, man.”

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