If you want to go into film production then you need to have a film clapper. This is a very vital instrument that would be invaluable in harmonizing the sounds and pictures, which are vital components in every film. Whether you are professional producer/ director, or you just want to make your personal production for TV commercials or events, using a film clapper can give your production the boost and quality that it deserves.

A film clapper is also known as movie clapboard, a clapperboard, a board, time slate, sync slate, or sticks. Whatever name this is called, the important thing is the use and this to be able to align sequential events in a film so that the best production is achieved with right sounds corresponding with the right pictures. Here is more fact about the film clapper.

The features of this all important film production tool

The film clapper is made of slate board where all the details of the production are written. On this slate, which nowadays are made in acrylic are written the date of the production, the title of the production, the name of the directors, the numbers of the roll, the number of takes, the number of the scene and time code.

On top of the board is attached a hinged pair of clapstick that is often β€˜clapped’ whenever synchronization of sounds and pictures are needed before or after a particular scene.

This device is most often positioned in front of the camera so that the scene is identified. In addition, a verbal slate can also combined so as to provide clear editing relating to the sounds. In this case, a person states the scene, the take, and all of the other information that are related to the slate.

The importance of using a film clapper

Apart from the fact that with a clapper sound and picture is harmonized, the tool is equally vital for easy editing. More so, a film clapper can be used in ensuring that theme parks, catalogs, TV commercials, movie awards, and other types of productions with sequential events come out with the very best audio and picture synchronization.

Conclusively, film clapper comes in variant forms today. You can buy any of the types you want having your preferred dimension. Many online stores today sell these tools for both professionals and for those that are just fascinated about getting to do their own picture and sound productions


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