Dee Snider is a person of many skills. The former Twisted Sister frontman might have made a reputation for himself as cross-dressing, PRMC lure, energy of righteous heavy steel thunder, however over time his repertoire has expanded to incorporate all the things from internet hosting the House Of Hair radio present to jot down a Christmas carol musical.

He has appeared with Gordon Ramsey in Kitchen Nightmares, in a comedy skit with Donald Trump as Dennis in Rock Of Ages and offered the voice of the Tooth Fairy within the animated collection Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. He even made music.

These days you may as well discover him on Twitter, the place he primarily fights with people who find themselves clearly not as good as he’s. He is a person to study from.


Son do not consider your individual hype

Twisted Sister had been regionally well-known lengthy earlier than we turned internationally well-known: with out having launched a document, we drew 23,000 folks to a free live performance at an area park. So we had been primed for glory. But the lesson I’ve discovered the laborious manner is to not consider your individual hype.

I turned megalomaniac, like I used to be floating in mid-air, and I alienated my band, my household, my spouse… all as a result of I felt everybody was telling me how superior I used to be. Eventually I fell to the bottom and misplaced all the things, and that was good humiliation. It made me a a lot better man.

Leave your cool on the door

The motto in our home was “Leave your peace at the door”. You’re not a rock star at residence, you are a husband and father, not a celeb. What you do exterior of the household house is nice, however you can’t be that particular person inside the house.

My spouse and I as soon as did a actuality TV celeb spouse swap with Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav, and my spouse needed to educate Flav that. She mentioned: ‘Put the watch round your neck, take off the sun shades and be an individual.’

cash can drive you loopy

I made a bunch of cash and misplaced each penny. Not as a result of I used to be excessive – as a result of I did not drink or do medicine – and never as a result of I used to be ripped off by managers or attorneys: I did not blame anybody however myself. The ego that makes you consider you could be a star in opposition to all odds is similar ego that refuses to acknowledge the warning indicators when issues suck.

At one level I used to be so broke that in 1992 I may solely make calls in an workplace for $200 per week. People would are available in and say, “Aren’t you…?” And I’d lie and say, no, I simply appear like him.

(You gotta) battle in your proper (to have fun)

In the early days of Twisted Sister, we’d get into fights each night time. And, to be proud, I by no means acquired my butt kicked. I’m not the hardest man on the planet, however I’m loopy. Look, if I’m loopy sufficient to put on lingerie on stage at a biker bar, do you actually suppose I’m not going to get within the viewers and discover you saying ‘Fag!’ with me?

I knew the best way we regarded would offend folks, and I additionally know we did not must budge an inch to do that work. That was additionally true after we turned well-known. After beating up a man who threw a bottle at me at an enviornment present, my supervisor and lawyer insisted I get a bodyguard to guard folks from me!

Once our limousine was stopped at a visitors mild and these drunk guys had been screaming, ‘Shit!’ My bodyguard jumps out, pulls a man out of the automobile, hits him, dumps him on the street and we drove off. He mentioned, ‘How was that boss?’ I mentioned it was a bit like watching another person fuck your previous woman: It regarded actually good, but it surely did not really feel prefer it.”

Rock ‘n’ roll isn’t for everyone

I saw performances like a killer: I would come into town under cover of darkness, just hang around my room by myself getting ready, and then I would go out, kill the crowd and disappear. Every night I was completely drained, exhausted, mentally and physically, and then I would go out and do it all over again.

I didn’t enjoy performing because I took it too seriously. Touring wasn’t a fun existence, it was often a miserable and painful existence. People say, “Why did you do it?” and I can’t explain it, I was driven to it. For me it wasn’t about if I was having fun, it was all about them not me.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint

I never wanted to join the ’27 Club’, I didn’t want to be a cool dead star with Jim Morrison or Jimi Hendrix, I wanted to be a survivor not a statistic. The very first time I drank, at the age of 14, I drank myself to the point of intoxication and then swore off demonic alcohol.

I have an obsessive personality and I realized that I could not be trusted with alcohol or drugs. Thank god I didn’t go that route. I haven’t had the great experiences that other runaway rockers have, but I’m still here to tell my own stories.

Parlay hard!

When I meet young musicians who have had some success, I grab them by the collar and shake them and I say: parlay man, parlay! They say, ‘What do you mean you want to talk?’ And I say no, I say translate what you are achieving now into other things. Maybe one percent of successful musicians have a lifelong career – Elton John, Ozzy, Eric Clapton – but most of us only have a moment and then you have to take that energy and invest it in other things.

Music is now the least of my artistic ventures: I do radio and television, I just sold a children’s animated series to Netflix, I act, I produce films. I learned the hard way that music doesn’t last forever.

goals can come true

My dad and mom had been very in opposition to me pursuing rock ‘n’ roll as a profession. They had been despair infants, they got here from a time when folks had been famously informed that goals do not come true. They believed that shifting ahead in life requires blood, sweat and tears.

That’s completely true, however goals can come true, and I’ve confirmed it. When I carried out on Broadway and Celine Dion recorded a Christmas carol that I wrote for my spouse, they lastly noticed that my life was reputable.


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