Trance music veteran Andrew Bayer has introduced Duality, an formidable double album to be launched by his longtime house of Anjunabeats.

Bayer says the upcoming report will span the broad spectrum of digital types which have formed his distinctive sound over time.

“Since day one I’ve always struggled with how to present myself. I love making these experimental home listening albums with electronica and indie sounds, but I also love DJing and trance banging,” Bayer said in a press statement. “With my last album, I had to completely remix the album after it was released to bring the worlds into line. This time I wanted to capture the breadth, depth and excitement of that duality in a single project.”

Cover art of Andrew Bayer’s Duality album.


The announcement of Bayer’s momentous double album coincides with the start of Pride Month. The dance music virtuoso, who is openly gay and married his husband in 2015, has teamed up with a bevy of LGBTQ+ collaborators for Duality, including Asbjørn, OLAN, Alison May and Class of 2022 artist Kaleena Zanders. It will be Bayer’s first long-form release since 2019’s club remix project In My Next Life.

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However, the roots of duality run much deeper. Bayer says it will be “the true follow-up” to his 2011 debut album It’s Artificial.

“[Duality] is by far my rawest and most sincere work and I can not wait to have a good time the album world wide with you all on tour,” added Bayer.

You can pre-order Duality here and check out the tracklist below. The first record is scheduled for August 12th, before its October 28th counterpart.

Andrew Bayer – Duality Track Listing:

Part 1
Andrew Bayer & Vök – No Silence
Andrew Bayer & Dave Thomas Junior – Speed ​​of Light
Andrew Bayer, MOR & Grandfather Machine – Take Me Home
Andrew Bayer & Asbjorn – American Boy
Andrew Bayer & Run Rivers – Mayhem
Andrew Bayer & Red Dragons – Matriarch
Andrew Bayer & OLAN – Under pressure
Andrew Bayer – 4/15/10 11:15 am – Vulcan
Andrew Bayer – Thank you for staying with us
Andrew Bayer & Asbjorn – Equal

Part 2
Andrew Bayer & Alison May – Midnight
Andrew Bayer & Red Dragons – DNA
Andrew Bayer & OLAN – Greater Opportunities
Andrew Bayer – On tape
Andrew Bayer, Alison May & Grandfather Machine – I would
Andrew Bayer & Kaleena Zanders – Break the Rules
Andrew Bayer – Let go
Andrew Bayer & Vök – What is real
Andrew Bayer – If you grind it, they will come
Andrew Bayer & OLAN – Pulse




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