Quick Look at Beyblade Draciel

Nowadays, apart from Beyblades video games, there are also toys designed in the exact formats as the ones used by characters in the cartoon. Many adults and children find it exciting living their heroes by using the weapons now manufactured into toys. Beyblade Draciel is one of such toys that are sought after by most […]

A Thunderous Clash with the Low Pitches

“Moonlight Sonata” is a nickname given to a piece by Beethoven consisting of three movements. Typically, the term Moonlight Sonata is given to only the first movement of the piece. However, the entire Sonata functions as a cohesive whole that evokes powerful imagery of contemplative calm, followed by a serene walk and finishing with a […]

A Bagatelle with a Lilting Free Flowing Melody

“Für Elise” is a piece for solo piano written by Beethoven. The original manuscript was confirmed to have been written on April 27, 1810. However, the piece was not officially published until 1840. The title translates literally “For Elise” however, it is uncertain if that title has any significant meaning. Scholars have debated who Elise […]